Parker + Julie

We are still swooning over Parker and Julie’s wedding this past September. We are always so honored to have the opportunity to bring our couple’s vision to life! A real buffalo ranch was the backdrop with perfect fall weather to boot! Top it off with a beautiful couple, inside and out, truly makes for one memorable day!

Planning, Coordination & Design: AddisonGrace Events
Venue: Four Mile Ranch (private family residence)
Barrel Tables, Vintage Rentals & Styling: Endless Treasures
Linens, Chargers & Rentals: Ray Event & Tent Rental
XBack Chairs: Action Tents
PhotoBooth: Lamphouse
Lightining: Le Luci
Flowers: Moore Flowers
Cake: Cake Affairs
Catering: BlueMoon Catering
Photography: RaeTay Photography
Videography: Compton Creative
Groom + Groomsmen Attire: Gentry LTD

It's Been a YEAR!

Well Hello 2019! The last time I entered a blog entry was a YEAR AGO! I’m extremely terrible at keeping up with this, obviously! However, here it is another year and another goal to try to keep this thing up to date! I really want to use this area as a platform to share our favorite images and details from our events! So, here it goes…someone, anyone keep me accountable?



It's Been a While!

Hello World! It sure has been a while!  Writing a successful blog is incredibly difficult and so far I have failed miserably. Here is my attempt to get back to it and try to keep this going!

As you may have seen our little website received a face lift! With this change the way I display our work will be a bit different. There are some exciting times coming for AGE and I want to do my best to document them here! Do me a favor and hold me accountable! 

The latter part of 2017 was EXTREMELY busy! There were so many beautiful weddings and we ended the year with a wildly successful New Year's Eve Event...NYE in the ICT! Stay tuned for some detailed posts reliving some of our favorite events! 

A Busy Summer!

What a great weekend! It seems as though every week brings a new and exciting milestone to this crazy ride they call 'owning your own business' and I love it! This past summer has been extremely busy for the AddisonGrace Events team. We were honored to be a part of 2 weddings in July; Travis & Jillian and Jimmy & Chelsea. So much fun, laughter, dancing and love shared! 

For Travis & Jillian, this was the first time the AGE team traveled to a location outside of Wichita for an event. We were so honored to have been chosen to work with these wonderful families.  Luckily, we still had the opportunity to work with some fabulous vendors from Wichita, such as BlueMoon Caterers, Cameo Cakes and the FlowerFactory. We learned so much and enjoyed the beautiful venue! 

We then had the honor to plan and celerate celebrate the marriage of Chelsea & Jimmy! Chelsea is an AGE team member, which made it that much sweeter. It really was a wonderful day! So many custom details for this event. We absolutely love creating beautiful design that fit into our couple's budgets.  Chelsea is also is a dance instructor at the NW YMCA, having all of her dancers there made this day a treat!  Her sweetie pie hubby was able to surprise her by having her dance girls secretly practice a little dance to lead them down the aisle! She was surprised into tears! Those are the moments we love and make what we do so fantastic! 

Shortly after, we began planning for a couple of  fun AGE firsts...creating our brochure and designing our table display for the Open House at the New NOAH's Event Venue in Wichita. We are so fortunate to be one of their preferred vendors and to have the opportunity to showcase our style, product offerings and team at this event. We also loved having the opportunity to meet other vendors in the industry. 

Our table decor was inspired by the AddisonGrace Events company colors; Navy, Raspberry, Grey and White. We are currently crushing on the nautical theme, so the navy and white runner was a bit of a nod to this.

Everyone that came to see us was surprised by the yummy goodness of the macaroons we had to offer. We are so lucky to have the contact we do for these delicious treats, our chef friend Phil creates these delightful treats. Macaroons are such a great idea for a wedding favor or an addition to your sweet treat table. 

Wedding | Event Planner | Wichita, KS

We are also super excited to officially launch Against the Grain - prints & stationery! This is a part of the AGE service offerings, where we create custom invitations and stationery for our events.  We LOVE invitations and all the goodies that go along with making our client's events so great! Pretty excited to offer this with our packages or stand alone. 

So much more to come! Excited for the 2016 weddings and all that is yet to come. They say success doesn't come without the necessary hard work, dedication and perseverance...we are amidst those days. It's been a crazy ride and most definitely will get crazier! 

We are looking forward to it!





Be Nice & RSVP!

One of the many stressful things in planning any event is the guest list. EVERYTHING surrounding the event is typically based on the guest count. Invites, favors, chair sashes, centerpieces, food, drinks and the BUDGET!  According to the Huffington Post,  couples are spending on average $31,000 on weddings these days!  That seems incredible yes? How does it add up? Believe me, it adds up and quickly. 

When it comes to wedding budgets and planning, before you book anything, work on that guest list and decipher, realistically, how many guests can you afford to host. If applicable, involve your parents early. Chances are, they want to invite Aunt Millie, your next door neighbor from when you lived in Indiana when you were 8. So get ahead of the game and ask for their lists. 

It is also becoming popular to host adult-only receptions. If you have 10 cousins who all have 2-3 kiddos a piece, that could add to the guest count fast. There are several ways to politely indicate that you will be hosting this type of reception. One of my personal favorites is to indicate on the RSVP that you have reserved "2" seats in their honor.  So you are indirectly implying the request. I am also a fan of the online RSVP and providing a phone number for a phoned RSVP. The easier for the guest, the more likely they will respond. 

The RSVP is so important. Sadly, before I planned my own wedding I wouldn't always practice the best guest etiquette and send back my RSVP. This was horrible of me. I will never do that again. The three weeks leading up to the wedding can be grueling for the couple, waiting each day for the RSVPs to be returned. We MUST get the final number to the caterer! We must get our seating chart finalized...etc, etc.  It usually isn't until you have been through your own major event/wedding that you truly appreciate the importance of the RSVP.  So for the love of the budget, Be Nice & RSVP! 



A Major Milestone!

On May 17, 2014, AddisonGrace Events officially launched for business! I cannot believe it has been a year since our official first event! We have come so far and have learned so much and honestly have just had so much fun. 

Our first official wedding was for a dear college friend and Delta Gamma sorority sister, Megan McCurdy and her fiance John Niedens, who went out on a limb and trusted me and my team to help plan and execute one of the most important days of their life. I say it a lot, but it's because I truly mean it. I was honored... and I WAS NOT going to fail. 

As we got deeper in the details I soon realized, this was no ordinary wedding. Not that they ever are, every single wedding is so very special and unique, however, in terms of planning events this one was a doosey. For starters the guest count was solidly at 400 (an average wedding is around 160-180 guests). The venue - gorgeous - an old elegant horse stable. Which means every element of the event was to be created. We had vendors setting up tables, chairs, dance floor and a stage for the live band. We had coordinated a high-class porter john for the guests - yes they exist! Basically, this was a fancy trailer that was decked out to house fancy restroom stalls, running water, music and granite counter tops!  Our team was consumed with setting 38+ guest tables, ensuring the parachute and chandeliers were just perfect and the florist was busy placing the 3 unique variations of centerpieces Megan and I had designed together. Those are just some of the highlights of the day before and day of the actual wedding. However, there were months of planning prior to this epic day and so many more special details. 


I enjoyed every minute of it. I recall after I first met with John and Megan for our first consultation I came home and just could not sleep! I spent the next few days feeling anxious, excited, restless and consumed by visions of navy bridesmaids dresses dancing in my head! I honestly spent the days looking at pictures and visualizing the venue, church and all the elements we discussed until it all be came crystal clear and I could see it. Now, it was just a matter of creating it. 

I recall after the rehearsal dinner, I approached Megan to review a few final details ... she looked at me, gave me a huge hug and said, "Krista, I don't even need to know, you've got this and I totally trust you." For the bride to feel that confident and trust me in that way spoke volumes and meant the absolute world to me. That is the perfect example of exactly what AddisonGrace Events strives to do with each and every event. Delivering the peace of mind so the bride and groom can enjoy the days leading up to the celebration of their love stress free. 

I did not fail. :-) 

Cheers to year one and here's to many more to come! Thank you to everyone for your continued love and support!