Things are moving along!

I'm happy to report that the website is almost ready to launch! It's been so much work (and will continue to be work) ensuring it truly represents what AddisonGrace is all about! There really is so much that goes into it! 

I've had an exciting week, as the days count down to my next event...Jenessa and Dustin's wedding in November. It's really all coming together and I get so excited when my vision starts to come to life! So many people ask, "are you nervous or stressed?" They are usually pretty amazed when I say "No." I mean, there are stressful times in event planning...but when you are doing what you love it really is just a bunch of fun! How lucky am I!? I think everyone should have the opportunity to do what they love for a living. I think maybe the world would be a happier place?That's my make this little venture of mine a success so I can do this full time and help people create and host events that make them happy!  Weddings, anniversaries, fundraisers, galas...happy times! 

Hopefully, the next time I'm writing is to say HELLO world, here is my website check it out! Thanks for following and reading!