A Major Milestone!

On May 17, 2014, AddisonGrace Events officially launched for business! I cannot believe it has been a year since our official first event! We have come so far and have learned so much and honestly have just had so much fun. 

Our first official wedding was for a dear college friend and Delta Gamma sorority sister, Megan McCurdy and her fiance John Niedens, who went out on a limb and trusted me and my team to help plan and execute one of the most important days of their life. I say it a lot, but it's because I truly mean it. I was honored... and I WAS NOT going to fail. 

As we got deeper in the details I soon realized, this was no ordinary wedding. Not that they ever are, every single wedding is so very special and unique, however, in terms of planning events this one was a doosey. For starters the guest count was solidly at 400 (an average wedding is around 160-180 guests). The venue - gorgeous - an old elegant horse stable. Which means every element of the event was to be created. We had vendors setting up tables, chairs, dance floor and a stage for the live band. We had coordinated a high-class porter john for the guests - yes they exist! Basically, this was a fancy trailer that was decked out to house fancy restroom stalls, running water, music and granite counter tops!  Our team was consumed with setting 38+ guest tables, ensuring the parachute and chandeliers were just perfect and the florist was busy placing the 3 unique variations of centerpieces Megan and I had designed together. Those are just some of the highlights of the day before and day of the actual wedding. However, there were months of planning prior to this epic day and so many more special details. 


I enjoyed every minute of it. I recall after I first met with John and Megan for our first consultation I came home and just could not sleep! I spent the next few days feeling anxious, excited, restless and consumed by visions of navy bridesmaids dresses dancing in my head! I honestly spent the days looking at pictures and visualizing the venue, church and all the elements we discussed until it all be came crystal clear and I could see it. Now, it was just a matter of creating it. 

I recall after the rehearsal dinner, I approached Megan to review a few final details ... she looked at me, gave me a huge hug and said, "Krista, I don't even need to know, you've got this and I totally trust you." For the bride to feel that confident and trust me in that way spoke volumes and meant the absolute world to me. That is the perfect example of exactly what AddisonGrace Events strives to do with each and every event. Delivering the peace of mind so the bride and groom can enjoy the days leading up to the celebration of their love stress free. 

I did not fail. :-) 

Cheers to year one and here's to many more to come! Thank you to everyone for your continued love and support!